The Cell: A Molecular Approach


In 2020, I was given the tremendous honor of taking on authorship of The Cell: A Molecular Approach for its 9th edition revision. Dr. Geoffrey M. Cooper, a pioneer in the field of cancer research, wrote the 1st edition of The Cell in 1996. Since then, the textbook has been widely used in college-level cell and molecular biology courses through its 8th edition. The 9th edition of The Cell was released in October 2022.

Updates to the 9th edition are aimed to keep pace with the rapidly progressing field of cell biology and include:

  • Discussion of intrinsically disordered proteins and liquid-liquid phase separation.
  • Emphasis on the increasing appreciation for the prevalence and roles noncoding RNAs.
  • A new Key Experiment Box describing the discovery of CRISPR/Cas9 as a gene-editing tool.
  • A new Molecular Medicine Box discussing the COVID-19 pandemic and mRNA vaccines.
  • Recent progress in the development of immunotherapies as tools to combat cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Fully revised Data Analysis Problems at the end of each chapter.